For the left side, i tried programing it so the Triangles appear when the conditions to enter are met. Condition_long = close [1] < ma_fast[1] and close > ma_fast and rsi > 50 and rsi > rsiMA and ma_slow > ma_fast. For the right side i tried programming it so the triangles appear when the following conditions met. hamid = math.avg(cl1, op1)...

i added a few plot shapes to help me see when breakouts occur using the strategies BaristoOOoooOOo explained in his YT vids 10/28 ema scalp and the newer 10/28 liquidity one.

Yes can do, also if we are seeing the continuation conditions about to occur, the same RSI formula rules apply?

I wait for the breaching conditions: Is the majority of the HA candle closed above 10, ensure the candle is not touching the ma, is the ribbon between 0 and 20 so its above the midline but not overbought

I been using the 10/28 strategy along with your ema crossover strategy and its been providing additional confluence.

Read the rules and looking forward to using the indicator

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