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RSI strength Breakout

So far i came up with this. LuxAlgo trendlines with breaks RSI Strength You enter position when RSI indicator breaks positive or negative 10 in combination with trendlines breakout both indicators on default for mass usage ease Took 4 positions, 1 stopped out. In backtest shows about 70% success. With more indicators or market knowledge number...

Indicator Strategies

Hello Eric bro, can you please add me to the indicator? So 2 indicator strategy any timeframe. Challenge accepted

I tested it for a while, it's an interesting concept. However me personally had a diffictulty with adapting to it mainly because it reacts with time,

Looks interesting. Is it disappearing after it's been double crossed?

That's an interesting concept Eric, don't think saw something like that. Can i have a test run?

Hello, access request

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