Fix My PineCode

Fix My PineCode

Ask for help with your pinescript code. Coders are for you.


Dude! R u fucking kidding me right now?! Ahaahha I developed a very similar indicator that I cleaned up today while finding issues related to live peice action on today's London and NY market sessions! Ahah I think we developed a very similar tool. Also. Let's link up on discord. I'll send u a DM. THIS WAY I can see how urs works and show u whats...

its an indicator i made using volume threshold to highlight abnormal and react to the price action when it occurs. in the reddit trade post of SOL i used the the abnormal volume and traded the reaction with targeting the consolidation liquidity at the bottom

hey , thankyou so so much. i used the precision method and helped me with my concern. in the indicator settings i changed it to zero and it actually got rid of the the price scale decimals. and not just the status area value!!! thanks a ton. now it got rid of the annoying decimals taking up my screen


This would be an example This particular label has 3 things tied to it Last Price on the closed bar Average Price over x bars Difference between the average and Last Price Your label can have two things Last Closed Volume Currently Active Volume


the way the platform works i dont think you can show letters on the scale as you want them. you have options in the platform settings to represent that but you cant change it to what you want in code. However in the STATUS area of the indicator you can do this. Go to your code and change or add "precision = 2" in the same line where it starts out...

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need help to fix the format of volume scale

hey guys, i need help to shorten the zeroes of the volume scale. i want it to show "k" for thousands, "m" for millions etc instead of the absolute number 000's and 000000's etc. i have attached pictures. in the HBAR chart, its taking up the screen / scale as it is not shortened to B for billions etc. but on the other two charts it is shortened.

Fix My PineCode
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