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roxxi Discussion started by roxxi 1 month ago
I have had the opportunity to test the SCS RSI Strength indicator. I am currently using it in combination with the CSC-Histo Macchiato. I changed colors and thickened lines. In the screenshot, I explain how I derive validating entries. This is just my own little strategy I have been working on and I now have the use of the SCS RSI Strength indicator to help me define when PA is valid for shorts or longs. I particularly like the SCS Histo Macchiato, but I need to physically draw in my levels to define upper and lower levels which I mark in thick purple line at 40 and -40, then I also draw in a secondary dotted line at 32 and -32. Eric, is it possible to add a code to the SCS Histo Marcchiato that allows use to add these levels. As regards the SCS RSI Strength, I see this as a powerful tool to use in combination with the CSC Histo Macchiato. I am still forward testing and look forward to seeing how others are using this indicator.  
roxxi UPDATE on trading with RSI Strength over the past week. A really powerful tool particularly if you are trading tight StopLoss. Given that some... Show more 1 month ago
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