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Beta RSI Strength - Combination CSC Scripts for Short &...

I have had the opportunity to test the SCS RSI Strength indicator. I am currently using it in combination with the CSC-Histo Macchiato. I changed colors and thickened lines. In the screenshot, I explain how I derive validating entries. This is just my own little strategy I have been working on and I now have the use of the SCS RSI Strength...

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I consider roadblocks to be between the 80-100 on the 2 or 5 min chart.

So I'm a pretty simple trader. I actually just use the RSI strength indicator to tip me off if we've potentially hit a new low or high and then watch for it to start moving in the opposite direction and once we've also passed over the 20 SMA, I start looking for a good entry and I ride it till the RSI hits another roadblock.

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Beta RSI & 20 SMA

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Looks nice! Depends on what type of trader you are, long or short term. This could work for crypto bull run, BTC, ETH bottom detection before run.

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Heiken Ashi plus Money Flow Index

#heikenashi + Relative Strength Index + Money Flow Index.Watch whos winning the trend and when it actually begins.This #daytrading Strategy will help you sta...

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Beta RSI-Strength for stock buying

Using beta RSI strength on 15 length with vwap deviation bands (monthly timeframe). symbol : Mahindra_Mahindra, 1h, NSE STEPS: 1. select a fundamentally well performing stock that has good volatility ( preferably largecap). 2. wait for the price to fall to 3rd deviation band( blue colored in my case). marked by blue arrows 3. make sure rsi...

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RSI Divergence + Reversal

Hi all! I am used to look for entries bit differently, however, looks like I found something that could work with RSI Strengths. -Wait for RSI Strengths and price divergence (RSI Strengths ~50-100) -Confirmation with Reversal Finder indicator (sometimes enough only with RSI Strength to be ~100, without divergence) -Can place quite tight SL -Exit...

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nice strat.. gonnna see how this plays out too. the Rsi strength is a good exit indicator to me .. not sure what settings i need to make it more tighter but it sure is a good early prediction.

great but what about the reaction to the RSI strength. You talked about w hat the RSI needs to be showing but nothing abut the RSI strength line

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RSI strength Breakout

So far i came up with this. LuxAlgo trendlines with breaks RSI Strength You enter position when RSI indicator breaks positive or negative 10 in combination with trendlines breakout both indicators on default for mass usage ease Took 4 positions, 1 stopped out. In backtest shows about 70% success. With more indicators or market knowledge number...

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good question. anka__06 when arriving to a strategy, you are not restricted to using my scripts. you can use any other indicators you choose

can this be done without step 5. dont have the breaker yet.

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