At 8:12 p.m. ET on Friday., April 19, 2024, the Bitcoin network marked its fourth block reward halving at block height 840,000. Block 840,000 was mined by Viabtc, securing the notable ‘epic satoshi’ for the fortunate mining pool and a 3.125 BTC reward.

The Halving Is Now Complete

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Looking forward to the vid on this simple set up with two instruments, and as usual you were right - the Algo V6 is much cleaner than the v3. Had a hard time letting go of the V3 though😂

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Altered Money Flow Index by CoffeeShopCrypto

New Indicator Release! Altered Money Flow (Updated) Welcome to the coffeeshop everyone. I have updated the Altered Money Flow Index. It is a PRIME action tool to add to the Heiken Ashi Algo v6. If you are a user of the TradingView FREE account then this allows you to use the 2 inidicator rule they have for these accounts. There is a VERY easy...

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How can I claim my Aave $AAVE Airdrop? Step-by-Step Guide

These instructions are to help from the information provided in this article . How can I claim my Aave $AAVE Airdrop? Step-by-Step Guide In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, the allure of airdrops and the acquisition of governance tokens continues to captivate individuals, recognizing their pivotal role within the crypto ecosystem. The Aave...

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Bring the BOMBS !!! LETS GO!!!

DVP808 ots less of an explanation video and more my commentary or thinking out loud while I'm trading live market with this strategy. I still need to record the love trade so I can't give u an upload date. The trades dist happen yet aahahahajajja I'm good buy I can't be FUTURE good

This sounds great. Really looking forward to this. When are you planning on uploading the explanation video? Thanks.

I would love to trade without indicators, or to use at least one in my trading.

Nice. Looking forward to the video going through this. Needed to focus on irl work for most of this year thus far, but, recently, I've been backtesting and live testing a 1:1 scalping strategy with no indicators with decent success (~75%), so adding in another indicator for confluence sounds really intriguing to me. can't wait

Very nice. And Very interesting. Looking forward to it.

I forgot to mention that I've been using this strategy on timeframes from 30 min all the way doen to 10 SECOND charts. And it still works

Uhhh why does a week seem forever!!!!

Hanging out for this CoffeeShopCrypto. As a beginner I’ve still got a chart full of indicators and trying not to chop and change between strategies, but finding it hard to be consistent. Looking forward to minimising the noise on my chart 👌

Dont worry zee Ill be trading live but not streaming live. I will record it and upload it for everyone with me talking.

oops i just read the whole post. waiting eagerly. record the live session too just in case i cant get in. thanks in advance!